Wellness has many definitions, but essentially, wellness is practicing healthy habits to attain better physical and mental health. No matter what your background, age, or lifestyle, everyone can benefit from learning more about wellness and how to incorporate small wellness practices into our daily lives. The purpose of the Nebraska Public Transit Driver Wellness Program is to provide wellness related topics and practices and make them easier to understand and more attainable to add into your daily routine. This will be achieved through a video series and a newsletter.

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Within rural public transit in Nebraska, most jobs involve sitting down for long periods of time throughout the work day. Often, we don’t take the time to get up and stretch or move with intention. This can have negative effects on the body including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and joint swelling. In the long-term, these negative effects can lead to costly medical bills. 5 Minutes of Wellness is designed so everyone can take just a few minutes out of their day to consciously get that movement squeezed into their schedule and take a small step toward wellness. The introduction video below further explains the series. View other videos in the series using the menu in the far right corner of the video below.

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Welcoming Wellness in Rural Transit

There are so many facets of wellness to consider that it can become overwhelming at times. Welcoming Wellness in Rural Transit is a short, quarterly newsletter that can help everyone take some small steps into incorporating wellness into their daily lives at an attainable level. Issues will feature a wellness challenge for agencies to participate in, a delicious and health-conscious recipe to try out, and two featured wellness topics.

October-December 2021 Wellness Challenge

Adults need anywhere between seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Getting good, restful sleep is key to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining high well-being. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep can affect a person’s mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.

This challenge will run from October 13 to December 17. Agencies who wish to participate in this challenge can email Carrie at bartholomewc@unk.edu by Wednesday, October 13. Participants will track the number of hours slept each night. Agencies grouped together due to size will be notified.

There are two supplemental documents: a weekly sleep tracking tool for employees and an agency wide tracking tool. Some fitness watches have a sleep tracking feature that participants can utilize. Otherwise, participants can estimate hours slept from when they fell asleep and when they woke up.

At the end of the quarter, participating agencies will be asked to email tracking materials to Carrie. The winning agency and individual will also win a prize!

Congratulations to Tri Valley Transportation for winning the Healthy Summer Potluck! Thank you for participating and sharing your recipes!

Contact Information

Carrie Bartholomew
Program Assistant/Event Outreach Planner
University of Nebraska Kearney Nebraska Safety Center