2018 Nebraska Public Transit Week Proclamation Signing photo

Governor Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation declaring April 8-14, 2018, as Nebraska Public Transit Week.

2018 Nebraska Public Transit Week Highlights


Nebraska Public Transit Week celebrates public transit throughout the state. The week helps transit providers engage with their community through traditional media, social media, public events, and word of mouth. In 2018, Nebraska Public Transit Week increased public awareness, increased public official awareness of transit’s importance, and had over 50% of 5311 rural transit agencies participate.

During 2018 Nebraska Public Transit Week (April 8-14), 35 public transit agencies, including 32 rural public transit providers, held events throughout the state. There were 41 media stories covering providers and their events. In addition, providers were able to meet with state representatives at the Nebraska Association of Transportation Providers Legislative Event, and with local elected officials at their events.

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The fourth annual Nebraska Public Transit Week sought to promote the use of public transit across the state. As of April 9, 2018, Nebraska had 67 transit providers: 57 rural, five urban, and five intercity bus. Nebraska Public Transit Week provided a week long event for all Nebraska transit agencies to reach out to their community and inform them of their services, organize celebrations of transit and the community, and give back to their employees and passengers. The planning committee’s efforts to promote Nebraska Public Transit Week focused on 5311 funded agencies, or rural transit providers.

2018 Nebraska Public Transit Week Participation Map


Each agency decided which types of events to host during Nebraska Public Transit Week. Agencies hosted Buy One Get One Free Buddy Days and Passenger Appreciation Days with free or discounted rides for passengers. Larger events tended towards open houses or open garages at the agency facilities. These averaged a few hours and typically included free food for visitors. Open houses and garages provided agencies the opportunity to promote their services to the community. One of the most popular event types was Stuff the Bus, where agencies collaborated with a charity and encouraged the public to bring items that would benefit that charity’s cause. The agency loaded the donations into a bus to display progress towards the goal, and then delivered the items to the charity afterward. Advance staff finalized planning for and attended over 30 events throughout northeastern, southeastern, central, and southwestern Nebraska during 2018 Nebraska Public Transit Week.

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