The Nebraska Safety Center has created two new courses for in-person training in 2022, Transit Driver Wellness and Assault Awareness and Prevention.

Transit Driver Wellness will ​take an in-depth look at wellness from many angles, including mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Transit agencies have multiple wellness resources available to them outside of the training room as well. Welcoming Wellness in Rural Transit is a quarterly wellness newsletter and 5 Minutes of Wellness is a series of light stretches and movements. Additional information on the Wellness Program can be found on the Nebraska Public Transit Website.

Assault Awareness and Prevention will give tips and tricks as well as interactive modules and activities to help drivers de-escalate situations they may face in public transit in Nebraska. Keep an eye out for these new courses when registering your drivers for 2022 training!

View the full 2022 training schedule.

Photo of a training session putting out a fire

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