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There are still many opportunities left to get you or your drivers trained and compliant for 2022. Below is a list of the available training courses along with how many seats are available as of July 1. Please reach out to Mitchell Locken ( if you have any questions or concerns about training for the remainder of the year.

Date and CourseSeats Remaining
(as of July 1)
08/10 Kearney – New Driver PASS20
08/11 Kearney – New Driver Defensive Driving20
08/12 North Platte – Assault Awareness and Prevention22
08/12 North Platte – Distracted Driving19
08/12 North Platte – Transit Driver Wellness22
09/14 Kearney – PASS Refresher35
09/14 Kearney – Defensive Driving Refresher35
09/14 Kearney – Advanced Wheelchair Securement (ROADEO Edition)35
09/21 Kearney – New Driver PASS20
09/22 Kearney – New Driver Defensive Driving21
09/23 Kearney – Child Passenger Safety11
09/23 Kearney – Advanced Wheelchair Securement9
09/23 Kearney – Defensive Driving Refresher18
10/12 Norfolk – New Driver PASS10
10/12 Norfolk – New Driver Defensive Driving10
10/27 Distance Learning – PASS RefresherNo Limit
10/27 Distance Learning – Defensive Driving RefresherNo Limit
11/03 Omaha – Inclement Weather22
11/03 Omaha – Assault Awareness and Prevention19
11/03 Omaha – Distracted Driving25
12/01 Lincoln – Dealing with Difficult Passengers21
12/01 Lincoln – PASS Refresher22
12/01 Lincoln – Defensive Driving Refresher19

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