The statewide celebration of public transit provided employees, managers, riders, and potential riders a week of fun activities. While agencies celebrated in a variety of fun and interesting ways, at the statewide level there was a pledge to ride transit, a trivia contest, and a social media photo contest.

Graphic that says I Pledge to Ride Public Transit in Nebraska between April 17-23, 2022 with the Go NEWhere logo
A leaderboard for the Nebraska Public Transit Trivia Contest in 2022. Carrie B. was the winner with 338 points, over Rachel D. with 336.

Nebraska Public Transit got 49 pledges to ride transit leading up to and during Nebraska Public Transit Week 2022. Out of these 49 pledgers, the organizers randomly selected one winner to receive a special prize. The entire team hopes those who pledged will see the benefits of public transit and continue to ride as a part of their regular travels.

Everyone loves a trivia contest! For the second year running Nebraska Public Transit organized an online trivia contest focused on Nebraska tidbits, facts, and knowledge. The team was thrilled to have participation across the state and looks forward to evolving this activity in the coming years.

And finally, there was the Facebook photo contest. With seven agencies participating in the contest, it came down to a Highway 275 tug-of-war between Neligh Dial-A-Ride and neighboring North Fork Area Transit in Norfolk. With a margin of just two reactions at closing time, North Fork took the honors on the last day. The organizing committee thanks all the managers and staff who participated this year for sharing such wonderful images of their transit agencies at work.

Photo of Neligh Dial-A-Ride's bus crossing the Neligh Mill Bridge
Neligh Dial-A-Ride’s bus crossing the Neligh Mill Bridge.
Photo of North Fork Area Transit passenger busses and trolley by Skyview Lake in Norfolk
North Fork Area Transit passenger busses and trolley by Skyview Lake in Norfolk.

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