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Photo of Bill Bivin, Nebraska's statewide mobility manager
Bill Bivin, Statewide Mobility Manager

It’s been a busy summer as the mobility management team continues its work helping agencies, the Nebraska Department of Transportation, and riders across the state. Some of the projects we are working on this quarter and next include the following:

  • Making new recommendations for intercity bussing in Nebraska after analyzing the effects of the pandemic and changes to the economy.
  • Promoting the use of scheduling and dispatch software for all agencies in Nebraska. 
  • Celebrating North Fork Area Transit’s new name and new services coming in 2022. You can read more about this here.
  • Working with North Fork Area Transit on routes, schedules, stops, and shelters for its flexroute rollout. 
  • Meeting with the Northeast Region agencies to promote coordination. 
  • Working with Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and North Fork Area Transit on a new transit facility in Norfolk. 
  • Promoting Medicaid Broker registration. 
  • Designing performance measures for mobility management in Nebraska. 
  • Participating in Panhandle regional coordination meetings. 
  • Celebrating Cedar County Transit receiving a National RTAP Community Rides Grant and assisting with some of the grant activities and administration. Read more about their new project here.

While we are and continue to be busy, we are still here to help every transit agency we can. If you or your agency needs assistance collecting data, connecting with other agencies, or exploring technology options, please feel free to contact me with questions about these or any other mobility management topics at

Bill Bivin
Statewide Mobility Manager

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Nebraska Public Transit is a program administered by the Nebraska Department of Transportation. NDOT’s Local Assistance Division is responsible for coordinating public transportation activities in Nebraska’s 93 counties and provides technical assistance as requested. NDOT receives money from the Federal Transit Administration and state transportation funds to fulfill requirements set forth by Nebraska Revised Statute 13-1204.

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