Project Goals:Dispatch Office photo

Develop the short-range and long-range technology vision for NDOT Transit Division.

Write RFPs or RFQs as needed to facilitate project implementation.

Provide opportunities for recent technology information sharing.

Project Description:

The local project team will review technology projects from Phase 2 and build from efforts completed to meet the Transit Division technology vision and goals. An inventory of existing software/hardware for each of the transit agencies across the state will be completed through survey development and follow-up with each of the agencies.

An RFQ will be developed to support future transit agency scheduling and dispatch software with assistance from NDOT. Monthly project team conference calls will occur focusing on the technology needs for the NDOT and the agencies. Assistance will be provided to the NDOT for responses to agency and vendor inquiries.

Project Updates:

September 2022 – A total of 22 agencies have adopted software. The Mobility Management team has added an additional focus: the statewide trip planner application. Beginning in Spring 2022, the team began selecting willing agencies in the Panhandle and Northeast Region to take part in a pilot program. The pilot is expected to end in Spring 2023 followed by preparation to begin the full statewide trip planner project the following summer.

February 2021 – Now that the software vendor list is live, 18 agencies have utilized software. They can now schedule trips and track their vehicles and data completely online, making internal processes easier and faster. The Mobility Management Team will continue to assist agencies with vendor selection and other issues that may arise.

June 2020 — The Technology team selected eight technology vendors for both basic and advanced plans. These vendors are invited to demonstrate their plans to transit managers at the Nebraska Technology Fair on August 5. Transit agencies purchasing software are eligible for 80/10/10 funding matches on their purchase. Utilization of the software is an important step towards the long-term statewide mobility management.

December 2019—The team identified the most urgent technology need as that for qualified scheduling/dispatch systems within the Nebraska transit community. In light of this, the team and NDOT are working to publish an RFQ. Those companies and software that meet the requirements put forth will be put on a list accessible for all transit providers/organizers. This list will act as a narrowed field of qualified options, reducing the length of a search and quickening the implementation process.

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